Faith's First Typing Attempt---As Is

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5 Months Old

Wow, the past 5 months have flown by! Faith has changed so much! It amazes Bubba and I at how she can change seemingly overnight. Her latest feats include Hudini-like escapes from her velcro swaddle at night, followed by talking to herself in the dark until her dad rolls over and gives her her passy back. Just yesterday, after a day of barely sleeping at school, she can home and the whole family napped until 7:30 !

A funny thing about her now is that she likes to scream with these high pitched shrills when she is happy and/or for no reason at all. Her teacher, Mrs. Sarah, says she does this throughout the day...guess she's just experimenting with her voice! On the way home from Arkansas the other weekend, I was changing her in a restroom at a restaurant and a little girl was opening the door to come in. Faith screamed and made the little girl jump in fright!

The other thing she loves to occupy her time with is making "raspberry" sounds with her lips while spraying drool everywhere! It's funny to listen to in the car as various "gaseous" noises come from the back seat! What is not as funny is when she takes a spoonful of sweet potatoes then raspberries them in a fine mist all over me!


CT Scan

It's done! Faith had her first ever CT scan at the hospital today, and the best thing is that she slept through the whole thing. She went to sleep in the waiting room just before the scan and didn't so much as blink during the procedure.

For those wondering why she had a CT scan in the first place...She has a cyst on her nose called a "dermoid" cyst that was there when she was born and has increased in size. It's not a bad thing, but it is something that needs attention now before it becomes monstrous...lol. You can read about these here. Below is a good profile pic of her little bump...

After results from this scan, we will most likely pursue plastic surgery, yes, rhinoplasty! I'm so thankful everything went well today. We couldn't have asked for more from Faith. Thanks to all for your prayers and support!