Just a Tease---Arkansas

Daddy snapped these shots of Faith after her midday nap with mommy today. They were too cute to not post, though a little blurry. Faith cheesed it up so that all her family in Arkansas could see what they are missing! We hope to see you all soon, by the way!

And this cheesy grin shows off her teeth! Look closely!


8 months old

Faith, you are 8 months old today! You are so precious and the light of our lives!

It's hard to believe that Faith has been apart of our lives for only 8 months. We can't seem to remember life before her or without her. One smile will make a bad day turn bright! She is a very loving little girl, giving lots of hugs and sweet sweet sugars.

Yesterday, her friend Cilla came to visit. Notice the look on sweet Cilla's face as Faith borrows Cilla's toy from her for a taste test!!

That afternoon, Dad got Faith's toy laptop out of the closest to introduce it to her for the first time. Faith quickly learned that it made a loud sound when you open the screen. She proudly opened and closed the screen over and over with a look of triumph on her face... she must've gotten that tongue thing from her mom. I remember all my sports shots always had my tongue hanging out a little,,,it's good for concentrating!


Mr. Mom

I am recovering from back surgery. I'm doing well, but consequently, I cannot do much with Faith for a while. I feel so bad about it. I do hold her in my lap, and her dad "lets" me change the dirty diapers!

Hat's off to Faith's new Mom, "Daddy." Daddy has inherited the household reigns as mommy can't do anything with Faith and is recovering from surgery. Mr. Mom is exhausted, but at the same time he is relishing his role and loving his interaction with Faith. I do think he is contemplating his escape to the woods or to the lake as soon as mom is able :)

Grandpa's Girlie

In fairness, a post like this needed to be made in response to the "Grandma's Girlie" post earlier this summer. During the last week, when my parent were both here to visit Faith and help us out as I had surgery, Faith really got to know and love her Grandpa Sullivan.

My dad has always had a knack with all of his grandgirls. They love just sitting in his lap, playing with his watch, and in Faith's case, eating his shoestrings :) This fascination with Grandpa is just really developing, as Faith is now old enough to be away from mommy and daddy long enough to enjoy the company of others.

Truthfully, Grandma and Grandpa really haven't got to be around her much since she's grown up. They didn't know she was sitting independently, and they quickly learned that she has both a great personality and a quick little temper. One time, they were both playing in the floor with her and she got up on all fours and started rocking. We really thought she was about the crawl for the first time! That would've been great!

She did some pretty cute tricks for them though. She started copying Grandpa when he would make a noise and hit his chest with his hand. She would do the same, and they would go back and forth for a while. Grandma got her started with a cute little tilt of the head. She would give her a bite to eat, then turn her head sideways and say "is it good?" Faith would turn her head, smile, and say "ahhhhh."


Uncle Sully Visits Faith

Uncle Sully came to stay with us monday night, and he got to see Faith for the first time since Mother's Day. His previous experiences with her were when she a little grumpy/clingy/afraid after long car rides and a house full of family. This time, Uncle Sully had the magic touch, and Faith went to him with no frowning or fussing almost instantly :)

The big difference in her monday night was that she was quiet. Britni and Josh were over and Faith was just sitting in Uncle Sully's lap and watching. We were trying to explain to Sully that usually Faith is loud all the time in the evening (we usually can't even hear the TV). He got a taste of her jabbering as he was getting ready the next morning.

We took Sully to the same little mexican restaurant as we took Brad, Jill, and Bethany. While there, Sully was saying that there was no way Aunt Maria would believe him about how good he was with Faith. So, I took the video below...


Faith's First Toofies

If your gunna start something, may as well go big! Faith cut her first TWO teeth this weekend! Yay! I'm going to attempt to get pics to add to this post, so everyone say a prayer, and I may get lucky getting a 7 month old to show me her bottom row of gums while holding her tongue at just the right angle...lol.

Luckily, she hadn't had too many adverse side effects. She is eating a little less, pooping a little more, and chewing on EVERYTHING! My baby is growing up! :) :( :)

update!!! got a pic!