Happy Birthday Faith McKinley

Happy Birthday sweet little girl! You have brought joy and light into our lives since the day we found out you were joining our family. Now, your personality is growing daily along with your beautiful blonde hair, and you are blossoming from a baby girl to a little lady.

You took your first steps last week, and since then, you've become braver and braver, who knows what you will do next? You are the sweetest little one with your wet kisses and loving hugs. Lately, you refuse to go to sleep, afraid you will miss something important! You stay busy, busy, busy all the time. We love you Faith McKinley!


Cowgirl Up!

Faith's first birthday party was this past weekend, and we rocked it cowgirl style! Faith sported a pink pearl snap cowgirl shirt, jeans, boots, and a princess cowgirl hat (only long enough for her to knock it off her head).

Her little friends came wearing their little cowgirl boots. The party favors were personalized, diva-ized cowgirl hats. Faith was mesmerized with the whole event. At one point, she stood solo in the kitchen staring at everyone standing around her for about 10 minutes. We were wondering when her little legs would tire!

She opened her presents and got some neat things! A fisher price school bus, a personalized apron, a radio flyer push/ride toy, clothes, a jack-in-the box, and from mom and dad, a radio flyer bouncing horsie (a cowgirl must).

When it came time for cake, Faith was all about her chocolate cake with chocolate icing! She did not dive in, but carefully, she started with just a taste of icing, and after several minutes, dug right in! Faith fell into a sugar coma, as you can see below with her pic with Grandpa and Grandma. She had to be undressed in the kitchen and taken promptly to the bathtub. After her party, she slept in mommy's arms. Mommy noticed that there was still cake in her ear even after the bath and hair washing!!!


Thanksgiving---a little belated

So, I've felt overwhelmed with the task of explaining our Thanksgiving Break...I have finally drawn the courage to attempt a synopsis.

Our break began on Tuesday the 24th, when we piled into the truck 3 dogs, 1 baby, 2 adults, and loads of luggage. This was the first time Faith had ridden in her seat facing forward, and I thought she would absolutely love it! Um, no. She could see us and therefore wanted our attention...that is full attention at all time please!

We made it to the farm at a decent hour and spent some QT with Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan before falling asleep. While there, Bubba went duck hunting the first several mornings. He would get up at 5:30 and leave at 5:50 or so, then Faith would be up soon after! Once she awoke in a new place, there wasn't much chance of her going back to sleep. So we spent several cold morning playing with Grandma in the living room. I waited patiently for her to get sleepy again and get another little nap!

On Wednesday afternoon, Faith's cousins started to arrive. We gathered firewood and had a huge family bond fire Wednesday night with SMORES! Yummy. Other than my brothers trying to catch us all on fire by putting leaves on the fire as we were standing near it, we really enjoyed our time together. Faith sat most of the night with Uncle Sully. She actually fell asleep in his arms.

Thanksgiving Day came, and Faith dawned her Turkey shirt that I made her. See pic. She watched her cousins put up an artificial tree and decorate it . When it came time to eat, Faith was up to trying new things. She really loved Aunt Jill's sweet potato casserole, and Uncle Sully's fried turkey. Grandma Nina's mashed potatoes were a hit as well.

That night, once we recovered and got back from hunting, Uncle Sully bravely put on his Santa suit for a photo shoot with Faith which yielded one, yes one, picture of Faith with a smile. You can look in your snail mailbox for that pic. The others looked more like this:

Faith also got her first kiss that night. From her second cousin, Matthew. Ahhhh....so cute!

We left the farm on Friday to head to El Dorado where we stayed at Aunt Chasity and Cousin Lauren's new place. They were sweet to have us and we loved our time with them. Faith and her cousin attempted a bath together, but Faith did not, I repeat, did not like the bubbles and immediately demanded to be taken out of the tub!

Saturday and Sunday we spent some time with Nanny Betty and Papaw T.J., Uncle Dean and Aunt Rose Marie and John. Faith learned a new trick while visiting them, she learned how to do the Indian call. She even tried to do this to herself in the cutest little uncoordinated way if you can imagine!

On the way home, it rained. Oh, and everyone was on the interstate! Bubba got a great idea to cut through the backwoods. We went through places that didn't even have a convenient store! Faith was not that sleepy, unfortunately, and she watched her Baby Faith dvd about 18 times. NOT kidding. The Lord brought us safely home. Though cranky, we were all so happy to be back home.