Playing Hookie for Lunch with Mom and Dad

Dad picked Faith up early today to take her for a check-up with the plastic surgeon. As you can see, her nose is looking really good! Afterwards, she came to lunch with us. It was so nice to have her with us for lunch! On the way back to the daycare, she feel asleep...Bubba took this picture before taking her into the daycare and putting her down for a nap. Gotta love those sweet cheeks!


7 Months Old...and Hungry!

Yesterday was Faith's 7 month birthday. Wow! The time has flown by! I was doing dishes and cooking last night, and I'd set her bowl and spoon on the counter for when it was time to mix her cereal up. I turned and looked to see Faith with both spoon and bowl in her mouth...little booger!
Hmm....guess someone's ready to eat?


Brad, Jill, and Bethany's Visit

Last Wednesday, we were blessed to have my brother, Brad, his wife, Jill, and their daughter, Bethany visit us for a brief time. They got to tour my new office and our new facilities. We took them to McCalister's to watch Faith devour a pickle as Uncle Brad held onto it for dear life! Later, we introduced Brad and Jill to "Bahama Bucks," a place with the best snow cones in the world! Bethany had been there on a previous visit. We spent the evening catching up, watching Faith, and reminiscing about Hannah.

Faith really got to know them all a little better. After all, she was born during some of the worst parts of Hannah's storm, and though they physically saw her a couple of times in Arkansas (once to visit Hannah and once for Hannah's celebration service), they didn't really get to know her as their attention was understandably elsewhere! If you are not familiar with Hannah's amazing story, please visit their blog http://www.thesullivanfour.blogspot.com/

We were sad when they had to leave thursday morning, but we did introduce them to some authentic mexican breakfast burritos before they left. At the restaurant, Faith was a show-off as usual, using every last bit of air in her to blow rasperries....over and over....

Faith with cousin Bethany. She liked her sometimes and sometimes not...depending on her tempermental mood (talking about Faith, not Bethany! lol).


Faith's Solution to the Heat

First let me qualify the picture below with "Yes, this was a last resort!" We could not figure out what was wrong with Faith this afternoon. She was crying uncontrollably. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't do anything but scream! She was only in her diaper...had been all day. Walking around the kitchen, I could tell she was really hot from all that screaming...so, I opened the freezer and stood in front of it with her in my arms. Silence. She actually started leaning towards the freezer! I sat her on the ledge of it and she turned and started playing with the things in the freezer and started to smile and laugh!!! Silly girl! I picked her up after her daddy took this picture, and her diaper was cool to the touch!

It is no surprise to us that Faith is hot natured. She gets it from her daddy who got it from his daddy. When Bubba holds Faith, both of them start sweating profusely! Faith will not allow socks on her feet, and i think she would rather never have any clothes on at all, though day care may not appreciate that! Sorry, Faith.

You may notice that her nose is looking better. The big scab fell off today, and the incision is looking really good. It's only been two weeks, 2 days since the surgery.


Faith--The Next Big Beat Boxer????

Faith loves her lips....she gets in these moods where she does what's on the video for like 30 minutes at a time....I love it!



Let the babbling begin! Faith started this last Thursday night, and she hasn't stopped for long since...


Six Month Check-Up

I can't believe we've already made it to another milestone, the six month check-up. We took her earlier this week for the check-up, after her daddy took her for a post-op check-up with the plastic surgeon. Both visits yielded no news, which is good news.

My post about her four month check up showed her sleeping on the patient table in the room while waiting for the doctor. We tried that again this time, but Faith was way too interested in the noise that paper makes every time she moved. After she ripped most of the paper off the table, she fell asleep, providing Dr. Loden the optimum circumstances to listen to her heart and lungs.

Faith now weighs 20 pounds, 12 ounces and is 28 inches long...still topping the curve on the growth chart. The doctor and nurse were both impressed with the way Faith's nose is healing. We can see improvement every single day!

Papaw Sartor Takes Faith to the Zoo

This morning was yet another first for Faith...a trip to the zoo! Her Papaw and Nana Sartor came to see her yesterday, and today we decided to get up early this morning and check out the local zoo.

Thank goodness for strollers...that is all I have to say. Faith is heavy, and Papaw and Daddy's arms gave out quick! Faith watched the birds and the fish, but by the time we got to the last of the exhibits, she was asleep for the big animals like the giraffes, the elephant, and the rhino. Oh well, we have pictures...not that she will remember a visit to the zoo at 6 months of age!

It was just a fun family outing for sure. Nana got some good pics of the animals for the scrapbook. Later today, Faith also set in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. She did really well, except for wanting to teethe on the table!