Blue Bonnets 2010

We almost waited too long, but we finally gots some pics of Faith in the Texas Blue Bonnets this year. It stinks that it's best to wait until dusk, right when Faith is ready to go to bed. We are lucky to have snapped a few good ones :)

My how she has changed since last year!


Happy Easter 2010

Yes, Faith...You are the center of attention, please enjoy

Part of our mission as parents is to teach our children the real meaning behind our marketed frivolous modern holidays. We are to find a way to make sure our kids recognize that Christ's birthday is the real celebration at Christmas, and that Christ's resurrection is the celebration of Easter.

At this point in our 15 month-old's life, she is the center of attention. No question. She proved her desire to be on the stage in several overt ways this weekend.

First of all, I took her to see her first Baylor softball game of the season. Last season, Faith was quite a doll, literally, a 3 month old sweet thing that we easily took care of while watching the game. This year, I knew things would be different. I didn't think I would get to watch the game at all! Boy was I wrong.

She loved the game! She loved watching the people, and she screamed and squealed every time a play was made. You could tell she was watching the ball, because her head would follow the ball on a pop up or other obvious play.

Maybe this has something to do with her parents agging her on at home, but she thought she had really done something amazing, when our junior slugger, JV, hit the game winning RBI in extra innings and the crowd went wild. She was reveling in her victory.

After the game, there was an Easter egg "hunt" in the outfield. I say hunt, but it was really more of a free for all. I placed Faith in a strategic spot with 3 eggs close together to give her a fighting chance vs. the big kids. I let her go, and she ran right at the eggs. In fact, she ran right past them, to the infield. She stood in the pitcher's circle and twirled around with a big smile on her face.

I think she knew that this place was where all eyes are fixed during the game. I wonder if she knew that her momma was a pitcher? Hmm, she has a future in the spotlight, not sure where it will be though, because the next day....

After the service was over at church, during which she earned high honors for good behavior from those sitting around us, she was let down and immediately ran for the pulpit area! She climbed up on the stage and gained that huge smile again. Again, she knew that this was where every one's eyes are fixed in the service.

I think it's fine for her to enjoy the time in her life when the world revolves around her. After all, my parents had me thinking I was one of a kind on this world. I truly believed that God made me special. Not just "special" but extra "special" as if I possess qualities none on this earth could simulate. lol....not that my parents intended this, but I just thought I was something else. Maybe it gave me to confidence to believe I was different and to make more sound decisions in my life.

One day, like my parents did with me, as we continue to point Faith to the Father, she too will realize that she is special in that she is a child of God. She will one day look past herself to others and more importantly, look to Him.

We love you, Faith! You superstar!