Goldie Locks

I love Faith's hair! She has the beautiful curls that I had as a little one and that her older Sullivan nieces have, and she has the beautiful almost white hair that her daddy had as a little boy. I cannot tell you how many times people have asked, "did you curl her hair?" Sure people, I had the toddler sit on the sink and said be real still while I put this burning hot iron on your precious little hair!

I do feel for her in that I have inherited my mother's tolerance for patience and empathy when it comes to brushing, washing, and fixing her hair. Might as well grin and bear it, Faith! I did. If a tangle doesn't come out immediately, just tug harder. Now you get the picture?

I love the way she loves having bows in her hair and using head bands. She loves to admire herself in the mirror, sweet lil thing.

10 things I love about Faith at 23 months

Faith has kept her mommy so busy lately that I haven't been able to update in a while. Wow, how time flies. Faith is turning two years old this month! In the past couple of weeks, she has really developed her speech so that she is sounding less and less like she's speaking Chinese.

Here are my top 10 favorite things that she's doing at this time:

1. Saying "please" with a cheesy little smile that gets her almost anything she wants.

2. Following Gracie (the chihuahua) around the house with her arms wide open saying "hugs?"

3. Pressing the glowworm in the middle of the night several times in a row just to listen to the music.

4. Insisting on wearing her rain boots (which are two sizes too big) to school several days in a row and on more than one occasion.

5. The way she lights up when she sees her Papaws, and the way any older man in any store also qualifies as a papaw.

6. That one of her first intelligible longer sentences at school was "No Jackson! My toy! Get back!"

7. The way Faith loves on her mommy and daddy at night time and gives the best long hugs a parent could ever ask for.

8. Extremely wet and messy kisses (on the mouth of course!)

9. How she cannot sit on the potty without saying "My teeth!" She brushes her teeth no less than 4 times a day (that's a week day, many more times on the weekend!).

10. The way she mothers her little babies and keeps them in her arms (all five) in the morning while i'm trying to change her diaper and get her dressed. "Babies! Babies! My Babies!" Faith, you should not have so many babies, you can't even take care of them! LOL