Four Month Check-up...She's a Keeper!

Well, yesterday was a fun day....Faith's four month check up and shots! Bubba and I had played around, weighing her with us and then doing the math. We figured she was somewhere between 15 and 16 pounds, a whopper! At the doctor yesterday,we found out we were ALMOST right as the nurse announced, "She's 17 pounds even." WOW~! Not only was she 17 lbs, she was 26 inches long! We are accepting bids from pro teams right now to sign her to an early contract. Anyone interested?

Faith was such a ham in the waiting room and with the nurse, laughing and playing and eating her hand and her dress...but she grew tired while waiting for Dr. Loden (he's everyone's doctor in our family...we love him!). Well, this was her response to his cold stethoscope on her bare back as she slept... I think she looks like me in the pic below...lol

Dr. Loden looked her up and down and began plotting her growth on the chart...95th%ile all the way around! At least she's proportional! We cautiously asked if we should cut back on the food a little, and he said no, to just feed her till she's full! Ok. She's not really a roley polly fat baby, she's just so long and as I like to say "stacked"!
Lately, she has been really enjoying her cereal mixed with veggies. She will get upset if you do not have the next spoon ready for her when she is done with the last. She's also been finding her mouth (with everything available) and is now taking her passy out and putting it back in (though sideways or backwards, sometimes).
Well, after the Dr. was finished, Faith was ready to continue her nap. She cuddled with her "taggie" that her Great Aunt Bernice made for her and went to sleep on the table, not realizing the shots that were in store for her!

The shots weren't that bad, I guess. She had one in each leg, and she cried that amazingly pitiful silent cry where she briefly doesn't breathe. I blew in her face to make her breathe, then picked her up, plugged her up, and she was snoring snugly in my arms within the minute. She slept all the way back home and for the remainder of the day for the most part. This morning, she was still doing well, no fever. Sweet Little Girl! I miss her already!


Faith's First Foods

It's official now, Faith is a bonified big girl...she started eating...from a spoon! (tears rolling down mom's face). Faith let us know that she was, in fact, ready to eat by throwing an amazing tantrum about 20 minutes prior to bottle time over a few days. We knew she was hungry, but we also knew that she was drinking the max amount of recommended formula. So Momma called the doctor and the doctor said "Give Faith some cereal before she goes to bed." Yes, I have been reading the monkeys in the bed book....sorry.

Being the ever so prepared mom that I am, I already had a box of rice cereal for the occasion. I was so excited to give her this new experience. We even had guests over that night who were looking forward to witnessing this grand time in her life. So, I sat her in her bumbo chair and prepared for the moment...Dad had the camera running...so here goes....I touched the cereal to her mouth, a perplexed look on her face is followed by an growing upside down smile which turns into an arm slapping, leg stomping WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! She threw this fit time and time again when I brought the spoon to her lips, and she calmed down every time I didn't try to give her some.

How disappointing...Perhaps I shouldn't have let her lick a strawberry prior to the rice cereal introduction. Have you ever tasted that stuff? I did, and it is nasty! Not too bad, but strawberries are definitely better. So, that was disappointing, I just knew my child would love eating, I do! Here is a short clip of one of the times I tried to feed her that night...there were a bowl of strawberries on the table that she starts looking at towards the end....listen closely...

Since this night, we've had two successful feedings. She evens opens her mouth like a little bird! That's MY GIRL! The secret was this....I got some Gerber 1st foods apple sauce and mixed it with the rice cereal....wow...what a difference!


Daddy's Lil' Sweetie

It's inevitable that in this family Faith doesn't have much of a choice....she will be an outdoor girl. Her daddy has been acquainting her with his boat and this weekend, the turkey he killed earlier in the morning! I look forward to Faith and her daddy spending time together. I think fishing and hunting will be an amazing way for them to connect...just wait, as soon as she can walk, she'll be following him wherever he goes!