Blue Bonnets

One thing I have learned is that there is an unwritten rule about Texas babies getting their picture taken in the Blue Bonnets. We decided to comply with this rule and took Faith to the lakeside yesterday for pics. Did you know it is against the law in Texas to pick these beauties or even mow over them?Here are the cream of the crop from the afternoon, including the ones that would be so great had she not been wanting a nap at the time.....oh, memories :)


Good Morning Beautiful

This is how I found Faith this morning...not the first time I've found her like this, turned completely sideways with her feet propped up on the side of the pack-n-play. She is always sooooo sweet in the mornings, and I wanted to share this with you. When you start talking to her, she starts to grin. After you undo her swaddle, she stretches her arms way above her head. She stays sweet for about 5 minutes,until she realizes her tummy is empty!!


Grandma's Girlie

Earlier this week, we were blessed to get to see Aunt Maria, Cousin Emily, Cousin Allison, and other family when we drove to Fort Worth to pick up Grandma Nina. Grandma rode with them so that she could spend a few days with Faith.

Faith tends to get grumpy and overwhelmed when passed to and fro between family, which is sad because I want them to see the sweet little girl I see all the time! This pic was taken outside of the restaurant where we met everyone...

Even Grandma couldn't win her over this night, and she started to get a little nervous about keeping her at our house, not wanting her to cry all the time! So, Monday morning Faith and Grandma went to work with me and did great! She spent the next day and a half with Grandma at home getting to know one another and everything.

Faith misses Grandma now...we love you, Grandma!

Oh, and Faith started rolling over from her belly to her back this week. Grandma was actually the first to see (and she was very unapologetic about that). She is about to outgrow 0-3 months and is on to 3-6 months for now. Aunt Maria and Grandma set her up with some cute summer clothes! Thank you!

Her hair is getting lighter, there is a new growth of lightly colored fuzzy hair appearing beneath the hair she was born with....who knows...she may be blond after all!


Batter Up!

After Faith watched the entire softball game yesterday (without even taking a nap!), the whole fam went to Wal-Mart for the baby essentials (diapers, wipes, formula). When nearing the back of the store, Dad insisted on checking out the hunting section. After finding nothing interesting, we spotted softball gear, and we decided to give Faith a few early pointers.

Faith learning how to pitch...

Faith taking signals from the batters box...

Faith getting ready for a pop fly (notice the word "hope" stitched in the pocket)...


Fans R Funny

So we were watching the Big 12 Bball tourney tonight, and Faith was absolutely captured by the ceiling fan. She was laughing and talking to the fan....so dad grabbed his phone and took this pic. What a big smile! She is growing up so fast!


Faith's Newest Fascination

Faith has been playing in her exersaucer that her Aunt Chasity got her. This is fairly new for her, and she still can't quite touch the floor with her feet...but Faith is loving making the little toys make noise. She really is putting two and two together and is learning to work those arms and hands.

Also new, is the ability to "sit" in the bumbo chair. I have it on the counter in the kitchen, and Faith helps me wash bottles, do dishes, cook, etc. She tires pretty easily, and it's funny because she starts what her daddy calls her "gangsta lean" as she slumps sideways in the bumbo.


We Miss You Hannah Joy :)

Hannah won her battle on Feb. 26th and went to Heaven leaving an amazing legacy on earth. Our family and friends gathered to celebrate her life here and her new unimagineable life with Christ. A selfless, fearless leader...she never complained or got mad at God. My inspiration.

Faith and I talked to Hannah after the service and told her that we miss her, but we will see her later :)

Here is Faith and Bethany at Hannah's service:

Car Riding is for the Birds (or should be)

Faith is a great car rider so far, bless her poor little heart! She doesn't complain at all really. For our trip back to Arkansas last week, she was excellent until we were about 30 minutes away. She started getting sore, so we started her on some Tylenol. We stayed several days before going back, and I think that made a big difference. The day we traveled back, we made a bit of a detour to see some family that Faith had yet to meet. She was put in the seat at 7:30 AM that morning, and we didn't get home until 10:45 PM that night. Again I say, bless her poor little heart! She is such a sweet baby!! The next morning when I got her up and dressed and put her back in her car seat to go to daycare, she didn't even cry. She looked at me with this mean wrinkled puffy face as if to say, " You've got to be kidding me! This again!!"

This video was taken by mom at a truck stop after she had her bottle and was enjoying time out of her car seat. She was in a good mood. This is the first smile we've capture via video, so enjoy grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and cousins....

Starting Softball Early...Go Bears Go!

Faith has been to about 6 games so far to cheer on Aunt Britni and Uncle Josh's team. She enjoys getting startled by the crowd's uproar and sleeping through uneventful moments. We have become pros at bringing the formula and bottled water to make "bottles on demand." Though she likes the Lady Bears, she said she is leaning towards becoming a Lady Tiger like her mommy was. It's debatable...she has a few years to consider.