2 month check-up

Dad and I took Faith for her 2 month well baby check up yesterday. She was in such a good mood, and we hated that her good mood was about to be ruined by shots! She weighed 12 pounds and 12 ounces and was 24 inches tall! She is topping the growth charts...

As we spoke with the doctor, I stood Faith up on the table, and she locked her legs and stood there with some support. I then laid her on her stomach, and she started to move forward on her own...the doc said "oh no, you guys are in for it!" She is a healthy, strong little girl, and we are thankful for that.

The nurse laid her on the table and held her legs and had me hold her arms. She was looking so sweet, and I was thinking "honey, if you only knew!" Her shrill and crying was brief as the 3 shots were over soon. I don't think she breathed during the shots at all. I grabbed her up, gave her the passy, and patted her behind. She went to sleep really fast and didn't wake up until we were home...what a blessing!

She hasn't had any adverse affects. We've had her on Tylenol and have been exercising her little legs to work out the soreness. Overall, not a bad experience :)


-----------------------Hannah's Legacy-----------------------

Faith is the youngest of 7 granddaughters on my side of the family. The oldest cousin, Hannah (17), is battling an aggressive brain cancer and is at a hospice facility now, as other medical treatments have been exhausted. Hannah has been in my life since she made me an Aunt at the age of 9. She has been a superb role model for her younger cousins, setting an example of honesty, morality, and virtue as she has blossomed into an amazing young woman.

Hannah was thrilled to learn of Faith's arrival, and she is even more thrilled to hear us talk of how Faith looks like her baby pictures in some ways. Faith took her first ever road trip at about 1 month-old to see Hannah. Hannah held her and talked to her, and Faith even gave her a smile...which was an emerging act for her at this time in her development.

With Hannah at a crossroads right now between healing in Heaven or divine intervention on earth, she has created a testimony that will impact lives from now on. I hope that one day Faith will understand how amazing her oldest cousin is and strive to be like her in every way.


Faith at Work

So I just couldn't help it, and when I went home from lunch, I sprang Faith from the nursery and brought her to work. She put her charm on my co-workers and cooed and smiled for them before getting tired. She was so tired, in fact, that I got her to sleep on her changing pad on my desk! Yes, I know you aren't supposed to lay them on their stomachs, but this is a special circumstance!


1st Day of Daycare

Monday was my first day back to work, which meant that Faith, unfortunately, had to go to daycare. Last friday we took her by the daycare to introduce her to her "teacher" and dropped off her diapers and other supplies. Come monday morning, I was so busy getting her and me ready, that I didn't have too much time to get emotional. In fact, much to my surprise, I didn't even cry when I dropped her off. I have a good feeling about the place she is staying, and there are many other pressing things going on in our lives to cry about if I just need to cry.

So, I made it until 11:30 before calling to check on her. Much to my surprise...hehe...they expressed that she goes to sleep when they are holding her, but when they lay her in the crib she wakes up and cries. "Really?" I asked...."Hmmm." I don't know who might have spoiled her, but I can do some investigating and find out.

I left work, went to Wal-Mart, and went home and put up groceries before picking her up. I wanted to give her my undivided attention when I picked her up. So, I got there and she was drinking her bottle. I took her and gave her the rest of her bottle there. I noticed that her eyes were puffy and kind of dark...she was worn out! Bless her heart! I took her home and let her sleep on me the rest of the afternoon ;)


My Valentine

I'm not sure how she did it, but my 7-week old Faith picked out a
Valentine's card for me, wrote in it, and bought me candy. She hand delivered it to me in the recliner this morning:) What a sweet little valentine she is!

After a morning of enjoying her, we got all dressed up to go across the street for our neighbor's child's 2nd birthday party. This is the first time she got to wear her "uncle josh" bear suit because the temperature changed from a sultry 75 yesterday to 49 today.

While at the party, we took time to take a picture of my neighbor's little boy with Faith. He is about 3 months older than Faith...they make a cute couple, don't they?

Our afternoon plans of going to watch softball games was ruined by the cold and rainy weather. Instead, Bubba cooked steaks as we followed our teams on the radio and tv.