Check up

Though this is belated, Faith's 9 month check-up yielded surprising news...Faith is 31 inches long already! yikes! Thankfully, everything is proportional. She weighs an even 25 pounds now.
Her dad and I are convinced she will be driving us around all too soon!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Faith had the opportunity to meet with some friends at a local church's pumpkin patch this past weekend. The three, all within several months of each other, enjoyed their time despite all three had been woken from a nap by their parents. Payton, who just turned one year, brought her new radio flyer wagon and Faith absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing, Payton!

Later, we carved pumpkins at the house. Much to my dismay, Faith wasn't too keen on getting all the pumpkin gook all over her. I tried desensitization with her, and I rubbed the gook all over her...that didn't work out to well. I finally got some finger paint out and put a glob on the pumpkin and let her smear it around with her fingers. That seemed to work just fine!


~~~~~This IS her first Rodeo~~~~~

We took Faith to the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo several nights ago. Faith already loves horsies...Daddy's horsie, Aunt Bibi's horsie, and her stuffed horsie. She recognized the horsie's on the arena floor and was instantly mesmerized. She stood and squealed!

Faith got a from The Texas Rodeo Princess...ewwww...ahhh...No, the girl was really sweet and she took a picture with Faith and gave her a personalized autographed pic of her. Mom and dad didn't plan ahead too well. We had to take turns with Aunt Bibi and Uncle Josh carrying all 26 pounds of her. We did get to see Payton and her family. Payton is in Faith's class at school...she just turned one last week! After the Rodeo, we went off to see the sights...mostly the animals...I got home and my card had lost most of the pics :( Going to have to get a new card for the camera...


First Trip to Briggsville

Grandma Nina with her Girls!
Briggsville, AR

Faith assisting uncle Mark with breakfast.

Faith with her Nana and Papaw Sartor

Mommy apologizes for the belated updates....we've had a lot going on! Several weekends ago, Faith got to take her first weekend trip to the family farm in Briggsville. She got to play with her sweet cousins and see Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mark and Aunt Maria, Uncle Brad and Uncle Wes, Nana and Papaw Sartor, and her second cousin and future farm playmate, Matthew (age 1).

Just the weekend before, Faith had started to crawl. She warmed up to everyone and began displaying her skills, going from table to table pulling up and reaching for all types of treasures that Grandma used for decoration. This was her first time with most of the family together since February. She definitely brings a new element to the get togethers. One night as everyone ate, Faith sat slap dab in the middle of the dinner table, eating whatever people would feed her and reveling in the center of attention.

Faith with her Daddy
Faith's First Cousins' Twist
Sullivan Girls