Cousin Hannah

A year ago Faith's oldest cousin, Hannah Joy, entered Heaven. Hannah has left such a lasting legacy for her family, her friends, and even strangers, bringing all of us closer to Him and teaching us to look to Him when we fail ourselves.

Faith will hear about Hannah all of her life and be held to a high standard. Hannah, the oldest cousin and "leader of the pack" led an exemplary life for Christ. As her mom would quickly add, she wasn't perfect, none of us are, but she took on her life storm with nothing but grace.
Below is a pic of the first time Hannah met Faith. This was near the end of January of last year. I won't say it's the first and last time they will meet, because we know there will be a joyful reunion at Home one day. This is probably the only pic of all 7 granddaughters together.

When we found out we were pregnant, Hannah was the first cousin I called. I remember her screaming "You're pregnant!!!?!!! Mom, Aunt Sarah is pregnant!" She was super excited as was the rest of the crew. Faith and Katie Joy (born just after Hannah went to Heaven) won't remember the physical Hannah, but her story will penetrate their lives and inspire them to live their life in such a way that points others to the Lord. Read more about Hannah's story here.

Hannah Joy, WE MISS YOU!


What to do with Sydney Kitty Cat

With these ear infections Faith has been having, we have been trying to decide what is keeping her stopped up. One plausible cause would be our 15 pound 1st child of the feline type. Oh yeah, with long shaggy hair that is annoying to clean up all the time.

I suggested this idea to our doctor who said that he couldn't do allergy tests on Faith until she is 4. He recommended getting the cat out of the house for several weeks to see if Faith improved with the cat gone.

Would any of ya'll believe that there are not a tons of our friends out there dying to keep our cat for a couple of weeks? Poor Sydney, your family member status is in jeopardy....you'd better start doing laundry or something. Faith loves you, but you allude her. This combined with your dander, just can't be tolerated much longer. What are we going to do?

Can I just stay under this table, Mom?

Yesterday, We all loaded up to go get Faith's 12 month vaccinations. They had been postponed because of her ear infection issues, so she got them at more like 14 months, which is fine with us!

The room at Dr. Loden's office is brightly colored and painted with a lot of fish and undersea creatures. Faith prided herself in running from wall to wall and slamming her hands on the wall. After a long time of doing this, I think she started to get nervous. She loved the paper on the examine table and tried pulling it off...

She also tried escaping through the door, but she could quite work the handle...
When she gave up on escape, she conceded to hiding under the desk...do I have to come out?? Shots (4 of them) hurt but were OK....bottles make lots of things Ok.


Oh, So Now You Like Your Hat?

When her daddy first brought this hat home for Faith, she couldn't stand to have it on her head! The only way we'd get pics is to distract her for long enough to snap a shot. Well, the hat has been living in the toy bin and Faith has rediscovered it. She now brings it to us and makes up put it on her head. She does this over and over again! She's just started to put it on and take it off her little doll too! I love to watch how she is learning functions of things. She tries to brush her hair, put her shoes on, put her daddy's nasty socks back on him, and this morning she took a clean diaper, put it between her legs and sat on it! Smart girl! What's next?


Faith and Daddy's Game

You remember the stare down game? Where two people stare at each other emotionless until one finally cracks a smile and both start laughing? Well, Faith and her daddy have started a similar game that takes place in daddy's lap almost every night the past week for about half-an-hour at a time. Not exaggerating!

It started when they just kept laughing back and forth at each other. Then, I got daddy's attention and told him to make a serious face. He did, she observed and then got him to crack his serious face. They continued laughing when suddenly, Faith got an ice cold emotionless face. Bubba copied her, and the stare-off began. These stare offs don't last that long, however, as both crack fairly easily. Faith will through her head back in laughter. It's such a joy to watch!

Bad Mommy! Now, I need some advice.

Sorry, i'm a bad mommy for not keeping ya'll posted on Faith's latest accomplishments. Her personality just oozes from her now, and she will win you over with her big ole cheesy smile!

Fact is, I'm needing some advice from you on a few things...
  • When do I have to take her off her bottle? I have friends that have already completely taken away the bottle. Faith likes her bottle, and I like giving it to her...I'm not ready to give this up, but is there something I should know?

  • What's the best way to get rid of the dramatic "back bending" fits she throws? She does this when she's hungry or otherwise disgruntled. It's a bit much.

  • When did you start potty training with your kids, if you have any. When is too early? Reason I ask, Faith predictable goes tinkle every time she watches the tub fill up with water. She is now 13 months old. My mom suggested getting a potty and just letting her go at bath time. Any tips? Suggestions? Warnings?

Thanks for your input! I cherish your thoughts family and friends!