Crawling---for real this time

I finally caught it on camera today....seems like Faith really likes my flip flop. She will crawl for it over any other toy she owns! She's really getting the hang of it now, so I wanted to capture it to share with ya'll!


Daycare Developments...

Faith has been learning a lot from the older kids at daycare. She's also been teaching them a few things, like how to be her prop...and when she wants to play with you, then either come over to her or be forced!

She has recently (within the past week or so) started to pull up to a standing position. She stands up in her bed at school and at home. She first started standing at day care using the ladybug play mat which you can see in the picture late in this post. She's gone from just standing, to crawling in and out of that play mat. As for crawling on the floor, her daddy and I and the teachers at school all believe she is just going to skip crawling and go directly to walking. She does get up on all fours and will rock and inch around here and there, but when you hold her hands and let her walk...she will walk all the way across the room and quickly!

The pic below was sent to me from Faith's teacher...who took it on her cell. Apparently, Faith's favorite thing to play with is the piano. This time, she had smaller toys in both hands and was feverishly pounding the piano with both hands! Sorry this is fuzzy, but you will get the idea...

And now, to explain more from the opening paragraph. She is using the other kid's hair to help her get what she wants. If she wants to pull up, she grabbing their hair and pulling up. If she wants a kid to play, she will grad their hair and pull them to her...hmm...When the kid cries, Faith is looking at them wondering what in the world is wrong with them!?! Hopefully this is just a phase....


Go Horsie Go!

Aunt BiBi has been a trooper while Mommy recovers from surgery. For several weeks, she would come over and give me a bath or take me on a walk. My favorite thing to do with Aunt BiBi was to ride her horsie....it is so much fun and a perfect way to keep myself awake when i don't want to give in to sleep. Thanks for taking care of me, BiBi!!! ~Faith


Labor Day Weekend with Family

This past weekend, my back was strong enough to ride again, so we made the journey to El Dorado to see Nanny Betty, Papaw, Uncle Dean, Aunt Chasity, and Cousin Lauren. We stayed with Aunt Janice and Uncle A.

Faith was a trooper. She is a great car rider, and I cannot believe that in only 3 months, she will be able to sit forward facing in the car seat!!!! Faith had lots of fun with cousin Lauren, she sat in the floor and played and played with her and Aunt Chasity.

We took Faith to her Grandma Mary and Papaw Erick's grave site for the first time. We all sat around and reminisced about them. I was between their passing that we found out for the first time that we were pregnant with Faith. They would both have enjoyed her so much.