An Afternoon at the Park

Determined that Faith needed to swing, Daddy and I drove all around looking for a park with a good toddler swing. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we'd have stayed all evening if not for the little nagging knats!

Faith liked swinging, at first, then she changed her tune as her poor feet drug through the sand. We need a toddler swing for taller toddlers!

Faith walked out holding on to her daddy's hand. I love this pic!

Daddy's Lil' Huntress


Dinner Club

So it may sound cliche, but we are part of a quaint little dinner club where 4 couples rotate homes each month for a evening get together. Three of the couples have little girls all around the same age. Payton and Macy are about 20 months old, while Faith is 16 months old.
Last night at our get together, the girls had an absolute blast playing together. They started a game that involved running in a herd from one end of the house to the other. Oh, and this house is Josh and Britni's, and they don't have kids just yet. So you can imagine the anxious way we watched the girls to make sure they didn't get into anything that was less than baby proof.
I managed to get this short video to give you an idea of our night, and why we had headaches at the end of it...

Later on, Faith started to push Britni's coffee table around on the floor, and when Macy tried to join in the effort, Faith boxed her out using elbows and all! That's my girl!
Anyway, we really enjoy this time each month to see how the girls have changed and compare life stories. Now, our evenings will forever be more interesting.
When we got home, I put Faith, who was already in PJ's, down and asked her if she was ready to go night night. She shook her head yes, ran into her room, and threw her arms up at her crib. I gave her a kiss and lifted her into her bed, where she snuggled in for the night. I have it so good!


Turkey time with Daddy: Then and Now

Well, turkey season in Texas is almost over and daddy has really had some success. Faith and I really like it when dad kills a turkey, because that means he will bring us breakfast back and be home when we wake up!
Daddy has made it a tradition, he wants a pic with Faith and his turkeys. Here is the first ever Faith/Dad/Turkey pic:

Now, again, check out the difference a year makes! And, yes, that is Gracie sniffing the poor turkey. She was concerned that it may be faking.
And yet, a different turkey, and a baby who is NOT willing to stand still for the pic!

Thus ends turkey season 2010, and my apologies to those appalled by the pics of dead birds. I am immune to these feelings by now!