Princess Fisherlady

This weekend, Faith was eager to take her dad up on an offered fishing trip. Funny thing was, as I was getting her ready for our trip, she INSISTED on wearing her "pink princess dress." I just decided that the dress would wash, and I put her rain boots on and packed her daddy's girl hat.

Faith was good at carrying the pole around, following mom and dad as they fished. She quickly tired at the thought of holding the pole in place while waiting for a fish to bite. More interesting, however, was the plight of throwing each and every piece of dried mud into the pond. (Yes, Texans, I know it's technically a tank, but we are Arkansas rednecks and you can't deny your raisin')

I've never seen a prettier fisher lady, and I'm sure Grandma Mary would've had the biggest grin on her face seeing Faith prance around the pond, getting mud on the pretty pink dress.