Turkey Tradition

It's April again, and Bubba has turkey fever...again! As he will do every year of his life, I'd imagine, and now Faith is destined to have her pic with her daddy and his turkey from here on out. Although....Bubba has declared that Faith will be shooting her own turkey next year. We shall see.

In April 2008, Bubba really wanted me to go turkey hunting with him. It was cold that morning, and I wore an over sized set of coveralls. I wasn't feeling well, and I hustled to stay about 50 yards behind him (waddling in all my clothing---looked like the Michelin Man). I stopped several times because i was sick at my stomach and tired and dizzy. I stuck it out though, because I wanted him to know I could hang with him. On the way back in to town, I suggested that stopping at Walgreen's for a pregnancy test would be advised. That day we learned that there would be a new addition to our family :)




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