Will Work for Stickerz

Have I ever mentioned how difficult it is to say "no" to this sweet little face?

I recently discovered that Faith absolutely loves stickers! More than that, she loves being rewarded for doing good. She proudly states "I earn sticker!" There are two ways she can earn her stickers. One is to sit at the table with mommy and go over letters, numbers, etc, and the other way is to go potty on the potty.

Her potty training success is mood driven, and I know that as soon as she wants to be fully trained, it will happen. I made her the chart pictured below and told her that if she goes potty this many times, she gets and ice cream cone. The chart is on the wall in her bathroom. She tells me "I go potty, I get ice cream cone!" It took her just 24 hours to earn her first ice cream cone! Mommy was not prepared for such success, and last night at 7:45 I made a run to the grocery store for supplies.

I can't believe how the stickers drive her! Usually in the morning, I will ask her if she needs to sit on the potty and she will deny with a whiny voice that seems to say, "Mom, not this early in the morning!" But yesterday and today when I've asked, she replied "I go potty, I earn sticker?" I confirm "Yes, Faith" and her face lights up "OK!"

Here she is, up past her bed time, no bath yet, cause we had to get our ICE CREAM CONE! Daddy was jealous...he wanted on too, but I told him he didn't earn all his stickers!

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