Beffie Comes to Town

There is absolutely nothing better than last minute plans that create lifetime memories! A couple of weekends ago, I was in Arkansas for a conference for work, and I saw three of my nieces and stayed with my brother Brad, sis-in-law Jill, and niece Bethany. We spent two nights reminiscing the good old days and mostly remembering Hannah Joy. I asked Bethany the traditional, "So what are your plans for spring break?" question. I fully expected some monumentally amazing youth trip or at least a week full of plans (my nieces are such busy busy ladies!). When Bethany simply replied "nothing!" I was surprised. "Ah, well I wish you could come see us in Texas." That sparked a fun conversation between Bethany and her parents. She was lobbying to fly to Texas alone...her parents were hesitant to say the least. After a few days of planning, Bethany had found a ride from an OBU student to Dallas and her mom had booked a one way flight home for her.

Now, I have always wanted to be a very hands-on aunt, but honestly this is not an easy task from 6 hours away. Before grad school and moving to Texas, I was all up in their business (and I still try to stay that way via Facebook and text). None of my nieces have really had much one on one time with me or Faith since her birth. Bethany's last minute plans gave her five whole days with us!

From the moment we picked her up from the Dallas area, Bethany and Faith were the bestest of friends. Faith would simply repeat every single thing she heard her elder cousin say. I charged Bethany with the task of dressing Faith each day (which she embraced with enthusiasm). Bethany also became a 2nd mom very quickly, paying attention to Faith's needs, getting her in and out of the car, helping with bathing, etc. Needless to say, I enjoyed the help! On Sunday, we attended the first round playoff game of the Baylor Lady Bears Basketball. Bethany kept Faith home from daycare on Monday. Tuesday she shadowed me at work all day (which was an absolute blast!). Wednesday, she slept in which an self respecting high schooler on Spring Break must do, and Thursday we got up and left the house at 5:45am to catch her plane at DFW. 

Minutes after leaving DFW, Faith exclaimed "Where Beffie go? Beffie, I want my juice!" It's a time I will always cherish, and I really hope to get more of these visits from my girls!


  1. how fun for you guys! can't believe our girls are getting so old :)

  2. SO SO SO fun! That was the greatest feeling when we lived in Waco- to be surrounded by familiar faces. Oh, I know you loved it!